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May 2010 | Methodological Reflections # 1

Geography and Emotions 
- Julien Rebotier, postdoctoral follow, INRS-UCS

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2010 | Seminar

“A Meeting Within the Comparison : Tools, Approaches and Concepts”, by Julien Rebotier, National Institute of Scientific Research – Urbanization, Culture and Society (INRS-UCS)

 Formalizing a protocol for comparison is a delicate task in the social sciences. The objects compared, the topics undertaken, and the contexts involved often make it difficult to achieve comparative exercises that transcend the mere juxtaposition of elements side by side. Yet, comparison is essential to an understanding and evaluation of the studied objects, and to an improvement of the models being developed. This seminar will be an occasion to debate some of the major venues of methodological thought regarding the elaboration of protocols and practices of comparison – especially from the standpoint of sociology and geography. Such issues will be improved by the experience of each researcher.

VESPA in 360 News

04.2012 | Epistemological reflections

Presentation of VESPA. For an Epistemology of Urbanity

Pour une épistémologie de l’urbanité, Tokyo

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04.2012 | 2009 | Ongoing Projects

Appréhensions et opportunités face à la mobilité des jeunes. Le cas montréalais

Espoir, rue St-Denis, Montréal

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03.2013 | Publications en ligne [WWW]

Nathalie Boucher co-écrit : " 100, Somerville"

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