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Youth-friendly public spaces in a context of rapid urbanization

This interdisciplinary and cross-sector partnership brings together Canadian and Vietnamese researchers and the NGO HealthBridge to examine the provision and use of formal public spaces in Hanoi in relationship to the specific needs of urban youth. The challenge of providing public spaces where youth can flourish cuts across North-South boundaries, but it is particularly acute in rapidly developing Asian cities such as Hanoi, which combines some of the world’s highest densities with very limited formally-planned public spaces. How did the provision, form and accessibility of Hanoi’s formally-designed public space evolve during the last decade of intense, pro-urban development policy-making ? What uses do youth make of existing public spaces ? How do these uses contribute (or not) to youth’s "task" of entering into adulthood ? And what class-based and intergenerational conflicts do they generate ? What policy measures can foster young people’s positive engagement with urban public spaces while also mitigating conflicts with other users ?


Participating in this project : J.A. Boudreau (INRS), L. Charton (INRS), S. Geertman (INRS), D. Labbé (U Montréal), Pham Thi Thanh Hien (UQAM), Thi Kieu Thanh Ha (HealthBridge), Nguyen Dang Anh (Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences), Olivier Jacques (McGill), Alice Miquet (U Montréal).

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