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The VESPA seeks to better understand how youth construct themselves as sociopolitical actors. We do not define youth as a biological age. Youthfulness refers instead to a distinct period in life trajectories. Being young means experiencing transitions and gradually acquiring autonomy. Youthfulness is thus characterised by a certain volatility and a dispersion of energies. It is an age marked by trial-and-error, improvisation, exploration.

Youthfulness, in the sense of a discontinuous relation to time and urban space, is an age that tends to last longer than before, because the conditions of stability that marked previous generations (waged work, marriage, children) are crumbling. Being young does not mean exactly the same thing in Hanoi, Mexico, or Montreal, given the cultural and socioeconomic variations between these cities. But at the VESPA, we seek to highlight the similarities in youthful actions across the world, because we work with the hypothesis that youthful action is perhaps most suitable for acting in an urban age.

Constructions identitaires et territorialités des jeunes des quartiers populaires et d’immigration : une comparaison entre Montréal et la banlieue parisienne - See more at :
  • The integration of immigrants in Montreal and Brussels : Eliminating defiance and building new spaces of trust




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04.2012 | 2009 | Ongoing Projects

Appréhensions et opportunités face à la mobilité des jeunes. Le cas montréalais

Espoir, rue St-Denis, Montréal

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04.2012 | Publications

Research report 2012

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04.2012 | Epistemological reflections

Presentation of VESPA. For an Epistemology of Urbanity

Pour une épistémologie de l’urbanité, Tokyo

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